Thursday, September 26, 2013

Trying To Conceive: The Timeline

May 2006---Payday and I are married.  I start going back to school and working part time while payday supports us with 7 day a week 12 hours shifts at a small company.

May 2006 thru June 2009---Payday and I both attend school, work, save, find a home, raise the twins.

June 2009--  I am 26 payday is 28 and we are in a good place.  We always knew we wanted children together so I go see my OBGYN and have my copper IUD removed.  I expect to immediately be pregnant...I mean I got pregnant with TWINS without even trying...

July 2009 thru November 2009---I research and learn everything there is to know about how to conceive, find an online community and start using opks

November 2009 thru April 2010---Starting to think something is wrong...I have a text book cycle.  AF starts on the 28th day every month, I get a positive OPK on CD 13 every month...Decide we will see a doc once we get to the 12 month mark in June.

May 2010---I am laid off from my very stressful job.  Payday has been working at his company for 3 years and is in a great place to take care of us financially.  He tells me my job was horrendous and I should finish my degree before going back to work.  Oh yeah...did I tell you he's awesome??

Later in May 2010---I am late?  What?  I'm never late...BFP!  First doctor appt is a month away...ugh!

June 2010---I enroll in my last few classes of my senior year of college and I am going to classes quite nauseous from the pregnancy.  We have our first doctor's appointment at 9 weeks 1 day gestation and the heartbeat is flickering measuring perfect at 9 weeks 1 day.

July 2010---Looks like I have a kidney infection so I head to the doc to see what we can do.  We take an ultrasound to check on the baby we saw last week...she has trouble finding him...she looks and finally sees him but...we don't see the heart beat.  We are sent to a lab to confirm and we find the baby had not grown another day past that perfect 9 week ultra sound.  We are heartbroken.  We are scheduled for a D&C because it looks like my body had no plans to expel my baby any time soon.  I pray for strength and wrestle with my faith.

August 2010---Go back in for follow up after D&C. My body has recovered perfectly and is gearing up for another cycle.  We have the green light to begin trying again in September.

September 2010--- Still in quite a bit of emotional pain from my m/c BUT thanking God that he has shown me I can get pregnant.  I hope my body has gotten the hang of it and we will be pregnant quickly now.

October 2010---  Finish up school,  apply for a job I doubt I'll get.

November 2010---Get the job!  Another blessing...they have tremendous infertility coverage...I think that's great...just in case

November 2010 thru November 2011---Whole lotta nothing.  BFN's left and right, same clock work cycle...time to see a doc and find out what the heck is going on.  Expect to bring in the new year with some answers.

January 2012---Find an OBGYN...she schedules 3 day labs for me.  Looks like I ovulate find on my own, orders more labs to test thyroid and other hormones...all of those come back great.  I'm balanced as rain...should be shooting out babies according to my pap and labs

February 2012---schedules SA for Payday.  Get the SA back and looks like we may have an issue with volume and count.  Payday and I discover we did not read the instructions for the sample well and had did the BD too close to his appointment.

March 2012---He keeps his appointment with the urologist because he will have to give another sample any way and then he can get his hormones checked as well.  Get's scheduled to give another SA has blood taken then for hormone labs.

June 2012---Payday misses second SA because he is hurt at work.  TTC goes into hiatus while he recovers.  We do receive his blood work back and he is hormonally exactly where he should be to produce a gazillion sperm.  We assume we will get great results when we are able to do the SA in Sept.  I am promoted at my job. Things are looking up on all fronts!

July 2012 Thru Sept 2012---Take care of Payday...Keep trying au natural

October 2012---They announce they will be laying us off at my job...WHAT?!?!?  TTC hiatus...again

December 2012---Start a new job...ALL their insurance is bad and their is nothing for TTC.  One of the twins has severe asthma and all FSA funds are put to the side for his treatments and specialists.

January 2013---September 2013---We decide we will try naturally and save up for TTC with medical help in 2014.  I begin a lifestyle change with a better diet and lots of exercise...I lose 30 pounds.  I go back to my online community.  My new company announces lay least I'm used to the cycle by now and I start to look for another job.  I think maybe God is working it out where I will have a new job and maybe they will have better insurance.  For now...we are trying on our own through December and hoping that a miracle of God happens to us before the new year.  This is wear this blog begins...Trying to conceive cycle 51 (give or take)

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