Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Two positive OPK’s in a row.  Changes like this and the four day early period from last month always throw me off kilter.  I am a regular girl, I’ve said a billion times that even though there’s failure after failure…at least it’s the same WAY.  I know morbid sense of humor…yata yata yata.  I’ve only had a double positive OPK once…in five years.   Can you guess when it was?  Hmmm?  Of course, my miscarriage…the one and only time I have been pregnant since this journey began.  Now, I will bite my nails off and test as early as possible…my zen has been shattered.

If anyone is out there reading this…pray with/for me.  If you don’t believe in anything…still pray. It can’t hurt.

Till next time,

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