Friday, January 16, 2015

The Game Plan

            And moving right along…On Wednesday I had a plan of attack meeting with the RE.  Payday had a last minute work commitment and couldn’t be there (L).  I had stressed myself pretty much into a coma like state, convinced that the doctor would come to a radically different conclusion than the nurse.  I have a habit of thinking the very worst no matter what, I thought “I’m 32, what if he thinks we need to go straight to IVF with ICSI?, my fertility with assistance journey will be over before it even begins.”   That kind of thing.  Well, I’m happy to report that I was wrong.  That sentence might not come out of my mouth again (like ever) so it’s good that I have it forever saved here in this blog.  Anyway, Dr. C basically reiterated all the things the nurse had said.  He also told me from my ultrasound and HSG that I had a “pretty fine looking uterus”.  This he said with a smile, and I can tell you for an infertile…it’s a little like being told you’re beautiful J I beamed a smile right back at him, it might be one of the most needed compliments I have ever had.  He believes a moderate treatment plan is the way to go.  So, we will do IUI with monitoring.  The plan is to call on the first day of my next cycle (which this regular girl knows will be January 30th or very close to it) and schedule my day 3 labs and a baseline ultrasound.  I will be given clomid to take from Day 3 to day 7 if all is good during that ultrasound.  Then monitoring, trigger, IUI.  Like lights, camera, action J.  I’ve been given some good advice to buy cheap pregnancy tests so that I can test the pregnancy hormone out of my system.  I never thought I would want to do it that way but with the explanation of how pregnant I will “feel”, I can see why it might actually make it easier.  I can imagine that I’ll be burning to test early and if I get a positive and don’t know whether it’s real or the hormones still in my system…That might be a little like hell.
                I did get bit of a surprise.  Dr. C thinks I have “Ovulatory PCOS”.  He explained it was his own term but there are women who have cystic ovaries with regular ovulatory cycles.  Most of my tests were normal but those that were off (AMH, testerone level) indicate that I probably had PCOS.  Well, that’s not what I wanted to hear but hey…at least I know now.  Also, it took some of the burden of guilt off payday, the doctor explained that it’s plausible that if any one of our mild diagnoses were to disappear we would have been pregnant long ago.  However, the combination of them might just be what’s holding us back.  This is why we were able to get pregnant before (thought we miscarried) but have had this long spell of nothing.   So, that’s the plan.  He said we could try IUI at least three times before he would recommend moving on to IVF.  I am truly praying that it happens for us this first time.  We waited so long to get to this road and we are so emotionally drained…I know it doesn’t work that way for a lot of people but right now…call me an optimist.  It’s completely out of character but I really don’t have any other choice, I’m too tired for cynicism.

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